Business Strategy & Planning

Transforming Business Processes for Optimal Results

Meeting the Challenge:

The need to develop effective and forward-thinking business strategy and create highly competent business processes is becoming more critical than ever, as organizations face constant pressure to improve competitive performance in an era of information overload. Discerning which information is important, measuring the critical factors, and linking operational metrics is critical to achieving business goals. CyberData Technologies Business Process Management (BPM) Solutions have proven to be very effective and sufficient in helping customers in aligning their business processes for optimal results.

CyberData Capabilities:

We understand that keeping up with business changes is essential in gaining competitive advantage. That’s why our approaches allow our customers to quickly adapt to evolving business needs. CyberData’s BPM solutions provide a wide range of forecasting, trending and performance tools. We work with our customers to conduct enterprise performance assessments, to provide recommendations and solutions based on emerging requirements and operational trends. Our Business Intelligence (BI) Framework delivers a full range of analysis and reporting capabilities that is highly scalable and in true real time- giving you the power to transform data into meaningful and visualized information.

CyberData Technologies has provided a variety of BPM Solutions to federal, state, and local government agencies, such as National Weather Service (NWA), Defense Finance & Accounting Services (DFAS), GSA Public Buildings Services (PBS), US Department of Treasury (USTREAS) and Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Our capabilities include various solutions that are detailed below:

Business Strategy & Planning Support • Business Model Analysis Support
• Business Case Support
• Business Return of Investment Analysis support
• Information Technology Investment Return
• Strategy and Budget Planning
• Build vs. Buy Decision Support
• Capacity Planning
Program Management Support • Project Feasibility Assessments
• Project Plan Development and Execution
• Progress and Performance Reporting
• Change Management Planning and Execution
• Risk Analysis and Risk Management
Capital Investment Planning & Control Support • Earned Value Analysis and Management
• Risk Management and Risk Assessment Plans
Planning, Business Intelligence, & Design • OMB Exhibit 300s
• Business Intelligence and Data Management, including Enterprise Data Warehousing and Enterprise Data and Database Solutions
Business & Systems Process Design • As-Is/To-Be Analysis and Development
• Business Case Execution
• Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Solutions
Financial System Modernization & eGovernment • eGovernment Solutions, including eRulemaking, Federal Financial Management, eTravel and eRelocation Solutions
• Program Management Plans, Master Schedules, Work Breakdown Structures