Data Analytics and Data Warehousing

At CyberData, we provide secure information at competitive costs. We address the full information lifecycle – from management of the underlying data warehouse though the use of advanced analytics. We can improve the interoperability, value, and accessibility of data through better data management and stewardship.

Statistical Analytics

We are experts in statistical analysis and predictive modeling and forecasting with extensive experience leveraging the top platforms, including SAS, R, IBM SPSS and Oracle. We use these techniques and technologies to help organizations target specific opportunities, anticipate future trends and identify often subtle patterns. By using a variety of algorithms, data models, and process designs, we can extract more insight and intelligence from the data.

Data Mining and Neural Computing

Our broad expertise ranges from conventional machine learning to the latest research in computational methods, data analysis and advanced techniques such as neural networks, natural language processing, Bayesian classification, ensemble kernel models and algorithms. CyberData employs exploratory data analysis to reveal insights even when data is sparse and difficult to interpret for processing.

Big Data

CyberData has been a pioneer in using emerging techniques – principally, the Hadoop ecosystem – to consolidate, manage and analyze very large datasets. Our Big Data solutions are often a more cost-effective and scalable alternative to traditional data warehousing for a number of applications, such as the analyses of web-scale data, multi-sensor collection platforms, scientific research and transactional data. By leveraging technologies like Hadoop and graphics processing units (GPU), agencies can perform analyses not possible with traditional architectures. Our staff is certified in the use of these Big Data tools to address the increasing complexity, in terms of volume, velocity, variety and variability, of data, metadata, and intermediate data. We help clients understand Big Data’s potential and we help them get started using public cloud infrastructure or internal computing clusters.

Geographic Analysis

CyberData works with clients to bring a new dimension to decision-making by spatially-enabling their data. A Geographic Information System (GIS) based approach helps users visualize, interpret and model their world by structuring and analyzing data based on geospatial and tabular relationships. GIS can be used to support a number of mission-requirements, including strategic and operational planning, emergency response and event management, asset and portfolio management, engineering, risk management and reporting.

Data Visualization & Reporting

We build executive dashboards and reporting solutions that are intuitive and flexible so that users can share, explore and analyze key performance indicators and operational data more readily. We also help users customize popular business intelligence and performance management platforms, including IBM Cognos, Microsoft SQL server, MicroStrategy, Oracle Hyperion and SAP BusinessObjects, to deliver more advanced reporting. Our CyberData Interactive Visualization solution helps executives quickly and effectively see the ‘big picture’ hidden within reams of data and volumes of reports. It uses contextual design to create a more engaging and collaborative planning environment that integrates data from multiple sources into a single interactive display.