Geospatial Applications and Management

CyberData’s custom-made Geospatial mapping applications enable easy-to-use, interactive visualization tools, and effective management of data resources and technology to successfully support any client’s mission. CyberData’s current platforms include, but are not limited to ArcGIS Server API, and .NET. At CyberData we:

•  Develop, document, and use automated builds to remove the potential for human error.
•  Comply with and document Source Code Management processes to ensure repeatability of builds.
•  Include the use of automated testing framework to increase Quality of Applications.
•  Use Quality Reports, providing transparency of an application’s condition to development leads and management.
•  Develop, document, and deliver code using the automated testing process and technologies.

We have developed a collection of standard and customized tools to help customers integrate and interpret vast amounts of data. We can convert your unorganized data into spatial data sets as part of proven data management practices. At CyberData, we can help you convert your data into information you can trust to make the most important business / governmental decisions.

Widgets and Mashups

We are leading the movement to make data more portable, accessible, and user-friendly. We build widgets using open standards and techniques like AJAX and web services, and we help you distribute and monitor your widgets with leading platforms from Clearspring and others. We've built RESTful Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that extend the reach and impact of our clients' data by giving third parties direct programmable access. And we've built award-winning mashups that overlay complex third-party data from multiple sources with elegant mapping in the healthcare field.