Open Source and Content Management

CyberData helps complex organizations manage information and social content through Drupal. Since 2001, we have launched over 50 Drupal websites including numerous large-scale, enterprise-level solutions. We simplify content creation, ensure design consistency and branding, and compliance with Section 508, Privacy Act, and other agency and federal standards. We implement multi-level content approval workflows; custom scripts to further enrich the user experience; promote interoperability and secure data exchange; search, and other capabilities. We are leaders in the Drupal community, contributing custom modules, developing a reliable, best-practices-driven content migration approach and template ‘toolkit’. We leverage our experience and expertise with connecting to Oracle and other databases to retrieve and display information in Drupal, reducing or eliminating the need to transform or modify existing data or content stored in its native format. Our iterative approach enables our team to examine post-migration results, triage issues, and make adjustments to nodes, scripts, Migration Wizard data mappings, templates, other Drupal tools, and rollback procedures, to refine subsequent migrations.