Software & Application Development

Delivering High-Performance Solutions, On Time and Within Budget

Meeting the Challenge:

As federal and commercial organizations strive to deliver enhanced services, information technology (IT) becomes the foundation of every significant operation. Never have IT departments been under so much pressure to do more with less. Software and applications are vital to the effectiveness of every IT system. CyberData is dedicated to your success and works with your engineers and managers to deliver the right solutions within the prescribed time and budget.

CyberData Capabilities:

For over a decade CyberData has been utilizing a huge spectrum of technologies and assisting both federal and commercial organizations with software development projects. CyberData’s software development teams are experienced in all areas of application life cycle and specialize in intranet software application development, client/server systems engineering and enterprise class software development.

Our system and application engineering services follow the Agile software development methods, which promote rapid, iterative methodologies to reduce risks, shorten delivery time, and improve usability. We favor SCRUM processes and focus on a flexible, holistic product development strategy where our expert development team works as a unit to reach the common goal. CyberData’s innovative teams allow us to provide experienced business process analysis as well as superior application and database design and development.

CyberData Technologies VPAT

CyberData realizes that systems must grow and develop while they are being adequately maintained. We work with our clients to develop maintenance strategies, dedicate support staff, perform application optimization, and ensure that users are satisfied with the performance and functionality of systems. We also work tirelessly to enhance systems appropriately through the direction of our clients and their users.Our CMMI, ISO and ITIL – certified processes guide us in developing high-quality solutions that exceed our customer's expectations.

Software Engineering, Forensics & Analysis • Systems requirements definition
• Technology assessment
• Conceptual design
• Prototyping
• Cost/benefit analysis
• Functional specification, acquisition, implementation management
• Operations and maintenance (O&M)
• Test-Driven Development
• Continuous Integration (CI) and Change Management
• Integration and Deployment Services
• System & Application Monitoring
Web & Cloud Application Development • Scalable, flexible, and agile integration
• Innovative cloud applications
• Application-Layer Architecture & Planning
Mobile & Tablet Application Development • Developing mobile apps that run across Android, iOS (iPhone & iPad), Blackberry, and Windows
• Optimized website and content development for mobile browsers
• Tablet application development
Application O&M & Help Desk Support • Development of maintenance strategies
• Dedicated support staff
• Application optimization